Welcome to our company.

In 2011, we reclaimed our ancestral land. Our estates are nestled amidst the rocky terrain, on the slopes of Mount Taygetos, just a few kilometres east of the city of Kalamata.

In 2012, we bottled our inaugural production with freshly harvested olive oil from the early-picked fruit. In 2016, we established our bottling workshop.

By 2018, we clinched our first prize and commenced exports to northern European countries. Presently, our products grace the shelves of Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Russia, and occasionally South Africa.

Our aspiration is to champion and propagate the Greek Mediterranean diet, epitomised by olive oil. We aim to unite all facets of this heritage – from small-scale producers to our rich history, diverse flavours, aromatic profiles, and even tourism – under a single banner, a singular vision.

Health benefits of olive oil
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